Gangtok, April 05: (IPR) The Sikkim Nationalized Transport (SNT) has been consistently providing vital transport service in the State during the lock-down period (25th March Onwards).

The Department has deployed nine passenger buses for ferrying the staff of STNM Hospital, Sochyagang, to and from different locations like Ranipool, Tashi View Point, Rongyek, and Ranka Rai Gaon. The services start right from 7.00 AM in the morning till 8.00 PM in the evening. Each bus carries out 6-7 trips a day.

Besides this, SNT is providing services for carrying Army personnel from Bengdubi, West Bengal to 17th mile, JN Road, East Sikkim on a regular basis.

Besides, the Department has buses on standby which will be deployed whenever their service is required.

It may be informed that the Transport Department will be engaging three SNT buses to ferry the students kept at SICUN Quarantine Centre, Assam Lingzey, to their respective homes in various districts on 8th April, on completion of their prescribed time.

Special mention needs to be made of the drivers and support staff of all the SNT buses who have left no stone unturned in providing continuous service at this time of crisis. It will be no exaggeration to state that they are among the real warriors who are contributing to the State to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.