Testing reports analysis- After detection of first case in Rongli & Rangpo intensive testing strategy was adopted by administration.

As per analysis following points may be noted-

  1. There is not a single case reported from Rongli , Rhenock areas since last three days. All suspected cases including primary and secondary contacts have been tested in Rongli, Rhenock, Padamchen, And lingtam areas. Our containment strategy worked to contain the spread of cases. Now RTPCR samples are being taken from these areas to be sure.
  2. All Primary and secondary contacts of Golden cross pharma were tested negative before five days.
  3. Main cause of positive cases is two Death ritual ceremonies held recently in Rangpo area. All cases being detected in other areas like gangtok, Nandok are linked with this. Rangpo is highly populated area So there are high chances of more cases in coming days as Samples are being taken after proper line listing of primary and secondary contacts.
  4. Singtam area is clear as only three cases from police station and one case of Employee of Zydus linked to death rituals tested positive.
  5. All primary contacts of Sun Pharma’s positive case tested Negative. However all have been instructed to remain under home quarantine.
  6. People are getting cured easily and being discharged within a week from STNM.
  7. Now As decided by Technical team testing is being done after proper line listing of primary and secondary contacts, Therefore people are requested not to be in hurry and worry.

East District Administration is committed to contain the spread soon and to normalise the situation.

-Issued by East District Administration

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