Press Release from Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services, Namchi


The department of AH & VS, South distributed 120 Banpala sheep basically for wool & meat production in Chuba-Perbing GPU based on agro-climatic condition. The area is also known for Angora farming and the wool of both the species would be blended for production of garments of export quality including mat to which the local artisans are already trained for.

The program was attended by GPU president, CLC President, Dy. Commissioner/NHPC & departmental officers under the able guidance of Hon’ble MLA cum Minister, Sanjit Kharel & concerned Hon’ble Minister, L N Nepal.

The sheep was brought from across the border through Chiwabhanjyang pass fulfilling all the paper formalities required at the international border duly complying Covid protocols.

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