Press release from Social Justice and Welfare Department

Gangtok, January 19: During the COVID 19 lock down in 2020, the Social Justice and Welfare Department conducted an Art and Creative Writing Contest for Children in Need of Care and Protection (CNCP) residing in the Child Care Institutions run by the Department under the Child Protection Scheme. The topic for the Art Contest was “Lock Down” and the topic for the Creative writing contest was “Life After Lock Down” or “Hope For A Cure”.

The contest was done to channelise the energy of the children into an innovative, creative and positive dimension. The category for the contest was divided into age groups of 7-9 years, 10-13 years and 14-18 years. The contest was conducted in the premises of the CCIs duly maintaining social distancing. A total of 241 children took part in the contest. The winners of the contest are as follows:


Category ‘A’ (7-9 yrs.):

1st- – Smita Pradhan, Loving ChildrenHome (West)

2nd – Sujan Subba, Kingstone Children Home (East)

3rd – Armen Subba, Kingstone Children Home (East)

Category ‘B’ (10-13 yrs.):

1st – Anmol Biswakarma, Suraksha Open Shelter Home (South)

1st – Ruban Rai, Rainbow Children Home (East)

2nd – Devi Lal Sunar, Suraksha Open Shelter Home (South)

3rd – Abina Subba, Mayal Lang Children Home (South)

Category ‘C’ (14-18 yrs.):

1st – Sonam Lhendup Tamang, Kingstone Children Home (East)

1st – Abinash Rasaily, Turuk Children Home (South)

2nd – Pema Sherpa, Loving Children Home (West)

2nd – Sanjok Rai, Turuk Children Home (South)

3rd – S. Roy, Juvenile Observation Home (Namchi)


2.1 Category ‘A’ (10-13 yrs.):

1st – Apiya Lepcha, Mayal Lang Children Home (South)

2nd – Meena Rai, Kapinzal Children Home.(South)

2nd – Sushill Gurung, Kingstone Children Home (East)

3rd – Kunsang Tamang, Mayal Lang Children Home (South)

3rd – Lowrance Pradhan, Himalayan Children Home, Hope (East)

3rd – Kamalika Subba, Himalayan Open Shelter Home (West)

2.2 Category ‘B’ (14-18yrs.):

1st – Kushal Rai, Kingston Children Home (East)

2nd – Shrijana Rai, Turuk Children Home (South)

3rd – Kushal Hang Subba, Atish Dipankar Children Home (West)

3rd – Kushal Rai, Rainbow Children Home (East)



3.1 Category ‘B’ (10-13 yrs.):

Sushill Gurung, Kingstone Children Home (East)


3.2 Category ‘A’:

Biraj Rai, Rainbow Children Home (East)

Laxmi Gurung, Himalayan Open Shelter Home (West)

Manu Kami, Atish Depankar Children Home (West)

3.3 Category ‘B’ (14-18 yrs.):

Mon Kumari Chettri, Kapinzal Children Home (South)

Chance Shimrey, Himalayan Children Home, Hope (East)

Phupu Sangay Bhutia, Loving Children Home (West)

Sabina Subba, Himalayan Open Shelter Home (West)

Susmita Biswakarma, Mayal Lyang Children Home (South)

The winners in the Art category were awarded with a Certificate and painting set consisting of a sketch book, 12 colours paint set, painting brushes. Winners in the Creative writing category were provided with a Certificate and stationery set consisting of a note book, pens, pencil set including rubber, pencil bag and sharpener. Each consolation prize winners were given a note book. All participants were given a Certificate and colourful writing board.

Due to the COVID situation, the prizes were handed over to the children in their own Child Care Institutions in a befitting manner by the respective District Child Protection Officer. The children enjoyed participating in the contest and produced wonderful art work and writing pieces.

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