– For the 18-45 years age group from rural and semi-urban areas, the vaccination sites will be all PHSCs, all PHCs, Urban PHC Ranipool, and all four District Hospitals.

– For the above sites, there will be 100% on-site registration, or on-the-spot registration. One should compulsorily carry their Aadhar card. ONLINE REGISTRATION IS NOT REQUIRED FOR THESE SITES, except for Mangan where 20 slots have been kept for online mode of registration.

– The vaccination sites for the Urban population will be STNM Hospital (AYUSH Wing), and Urban PHC (Thakurbari Temple Hall), Gangtok.

– Both these sites will require prior ONLINE REGISTRATION. There are 150 slots per day for STNM and 600 slots per day for UPHC Thakurbari. The booking will open at 8 am one day in advance. Both Sikkimese and non-Sikkimese people can apply through online mode.

– A provision has also been made for ON-SITE REGISTRATION at UPHC Thakurbari. This only applies to individuals who fall within the State-specific Priority Group notified by the Health Department recently or any other specified case upon production of valid identity card. This provision is also available in all the four District Hospitals and UPHC Ranipool.

– A SPECIAL SESSION has also been allotted for those people who do not possess an Identity Card. At present, only people above 45 years falling in this category will be catered to. They can get vaccinated at any Vaccination Site.

– Scientific evidence suggests that the gap between first and second dose should ideally be at least 84 days. However, in some unavoidable circumstances, mostly in case of individuals who have a scheduled trip abroad before 31st August, 2021, an exception can be made to provide them a second dose after a minimum gap of 28 days. Such individuals should produce valid travel documents like passports etc.

– Although Sikkim has succeeded in covering over 85% vaccination of all health workers and frontline workers above the age of 45 years. However, a small percentage still needs to be covered. Such a category of people has been appealed to get vaccinated at any site at the earliest.

– Provision has also been made to vaccinate mentally challenged people, beggars, and people who are dependent on others. In such cases, local authorities and stakeholders are appealed to lend assistance and facilitate the process.

– Vaccination will be carried out at all the designated sites on all days, except Sunday. Since there will be no vaccination on Sunday, the online booking slots will be CLOSED on Saturday. This means, for Monday’s slot, booking will be OPEN on Sunday.

– The information on vaccination at Districts, PHCs and PHSCs has already been provided to ward Panchayats/Councillors, Nearest Health Staff, ASHA and AWW, hence they must be contacted before going for vaccination.

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