Inter BAC Football Under 16 years boys and girls

Namchi, 10th October: Inter BAC Under 16 years boys and girls organized by Department of Sports and Youth Affairs commenced today at two different Playgrounds namely at Temi Senior Secondary School and at Jorethang Playground, simultaneously.

Pool one was played at Temi Senior Secondary School and Pool two was played at Jorethang Playground.

At Jorethang playground the 1st girls match was played between Poklok Nandugoan sporting club and sikkip Sporting club wherein the match was won by poklok Nandugoan sporting club. The 2nd match was played between Namthang Sporting Club and Sumbuk Sporting Club the match won by Namthang Sporting Club with a scoreline of 2-0.
Similarly under boys the match was played between Sumbuk Sporting Club and Namthang Sporting Club where sumbuk sporting club emerged victorious with a lead of 4-0. The boys second match was played between sikkip Sporting club and poklok Nandugoan Sporting Club in which
Nandugoan Sporting Club were the winners.

Likewise, at Temi Senior Secondary school numerous football competition was held and they are as follows Namchi boys Sporting Club between Temi BAC Sporting Club, the winner was Namchi BAC Sporting Club. Ravangla Bac Sporting Club versus Yangang Bac Sporting Club the Winner was Yangang BAC Sporting Club, Temi sporting club Under 16 girls vs Namchi sporting club- winner Temi sporting club, Rabongla sporting club Under 16 girls vs yangang sporting club Under16 girls winner yangang sporting club.

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