Press Release from the office of DC South

Namchi,25th November: A Mock Exercise on Earthquake-induced Disaster was organized at Central Park, Namchi, South Sikkim.

Stakeholders from Police Department, Fire & Emergency Services, Quick Response Team ( DDMA, South Sikkim), Health Department and 2nd BN National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) participated in the mock exercise.

The Control Room was set up at the Office of District Collector (South) and all communications were done through wireless communication sets citing the complete failure of telecommunication lines during the entire exercise. Rescue operations were carried out by the Quick Response Team (DDMA) and NDRF. Demonstration of Search & Rescue which involved Scene Secure, Utility Cut Off, Triage, Search and Rescue, Accessibility to the victims, stabilization of victims and transporting victims to the hospital was done. The Mock Exercise commenced at 2:00 pm and officially concluded at 3:30 pm.

Later, a debriefing session was organized at 4:00 pm where experience sharing and shortcomings/limitations were discussed amongst the stakeholders. The Incident Commander for the said exercise was Shri. Anant Jain, IAS, Addl. District Collector (South).

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